Develop a clear and convincing
Brand Vision
that will guarantee growth.

To survive and thrive in this age of constant change, every business and organization needs a Brand Vision— a shared picture of your long-term impact on the world—and a clear strategic plan to get you there.

Shift your paradigm—entirely.

• Our Brand Vision Workshop will introduce your marketing team to a “Brand” new way of looking at yourselves, and more importantly, your customers. What are you doing to help solve their problems and transform their lives?

• Learn an essential 9-point process that can become the strategic framework for your Brand Vision and the central organizing principle for your brand identity, website, marketing strategy, advertising, and more.

• Designed to meet your unique needs, your workshop can include up to 9 members of your team.

Phil Wellman, workshop facilitator, is the Director of Strategic Branding at WellmanAd. He has over 30 years of agency experience with a wide variety of highly-successful regional, national and global clients.

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