Develop a clear and convincing
Brand Vision
that will guarantee growth.

To survive and thrive in this age of constant change, every business and organization needs a Brand Vision that can differentiate, unite and motivate them. A meaningful purpose that informs everything they say
and do.

It’s time to shift your paradigm…entirely.

• Our Brand Vision Workshop will introduce your marketing team to a “Brand” new way of looking at yourselves, and more importantly, your customers. What are you doing to help solve their problems and transform their lives?

• Learn an essential 9-point process that can become the strategic framework for your Brand Vision and the central organizing principle for your marketing strategy, website, advertising, collateral, and more.

Phil Wellman, workshop facilitator, is the Director of Strategic Marketing, Branding and Advertising at WellmanAd. He has over 30 years of agency experience with a wide variety of highly-successful regional, national and global clients.


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