Develop a clear and convincing
Brand Vision
that will guarantee growth.

To survive and thrive in this age of constant change, every business and organization needs a Brand Vision— the customer-centered reason WHY you exist. And values that will help build a powerful brand culture.

Develop a fully aligned future

• Define your brand narrative. Deepen your understanding of customer needs and challenges; your engagement plan and call to action; and what customer success and transformation looks like.

• Learn how to align your brand vision and values with a culture that walks the talk. Now build a strategic communications plan that successfully delivers your brand message to target customers.

• This is the chance of a lifetime for smart and agile businesses and organizations like yours. Embrace a bold brand vision now and grow.


Phil Wellman, workshop facilitator, is the Director of Strategic Branding at WellmanAd. He has over 30 years of agency experience with a wide variety of highly-successful regional, national and global clients.

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