Up at the crack of dawn as a kid, my mother would often wake to find me carefully examining the latest issue of Life magazine in the Sun’s early morning light.

My childhood fascination with design laid dormant until my early twenties when I took a class in typography. The course was a revelation. I was amazed and inspired by the beauty of letterforms. Hours of sketching typefaces led to design experiments and the dream of making a living doing work I loved.

I got a job in the design department of a local magazine where I worked for three years before I had the good fortune to meet Nicholas Newbeck, a master graphic designer. He had acquired his skills while working with Landor Associates, the legendary brand design firm in San Francisco. In need of an assistant, he hired me and began to share many of the secrets of great design and branding that I value to this day.

Hungry to get out on my own, I eventually established Wellman Advertising and Design. In the next three decades, the creative team I built had the privilege of working with a wide range of local, national, and then international clients. Over that time, we developed invaluable strategic skills that allowed us to quickly distill customer market positioning, create powerful messaging, and deliver it with brilliant design.

But more importantly, we learned to ask our clients WHY. What was the PURPOSE at the heart of their enterprise? We realized that this was the key to any kind of meaningful success and the starting point for building amazing brands.

I’m incredibly grateful to the many clients we have collaborated with over the years for providing us with the opportunity to passionately practice the craft we love in pursuit of their success.

Now let’s build YOUR brand.

Phil Wellman